The Vitality Pillar is the pillar that affects our energy. It serves as the fundamental force that drives us in the moment and into future years. Now our Vitality is very closely intertwined with our health. That is why often they feel as though they are interchangeable, however, they are not. 

Your Vitality can be affected by many internal and external factors. It can be changed by your physical activity as well as mental activity. When you work on something you love, you will often feel a sense of energy and excitement. That is your Vitality shifting. 

The more Vitality you have the younger you feel, this is why often you will meet people in their eighties who feel younger than you are. 

This is because they have done the work and their Vitality even in old age is extremely strong. 



Vitality is, well, vital. It is our life force given physicality. It is the energy we put into our hugs, it is the passion we place behind our love and it can either cause you to live in joy and health. 

When Vitality is at its peak you can't help but feel like a little kid, jumping around, laughing, giggling, and overall just loving life. 

We all need Vitality, however we often put it on the back burning for other things. 


Vitality is the pillar that changes our energy, and as such is the pillar that can lift us to great highest, or push us to deep lows. 

When we forfeit our Vitality for other things we often times feel the most lost and restless. The little things become big and the clock of life starts ticking over our heads. 

Our Vitality can suddenly become a curse rather than a blessing and the path out seems impossible. 


Health Is Essential

Our physical bodies are so important, and we so often sacrifice them in exchange for instant pleasures. Be it drinking, smoking, eating bad foods, or being lazy. You suddenly give up Vitality in exchange for a moment of instant bliss. By working out, eating right, being active and seeking challenge suddenly your Vitality will sky rocket and so will your mood. 

Balance All Things

So many people talk about balance. Work-life balance, pleasure-pain balance, and so many others dominate the topics of the health gurus. However, you need to balance everything. Now you don't need to walk the line as strictly as others say. You can eat ice cream on the weekends and then work out harder on the weekdays. The key is simply reminding yourself that too much of a good thing can be bad. 

Release The Woooo

When did we stop being little kids? Was it when we got bills? When we get responsibilities? What led us to let go of that sense of wonder and excitement? Now here at TFP, we have a saying, "Let the WOOO free". Try it. Just yell WOOOOO and don't care what other people think. It sets off a sense of energy and enjoyment in your brain that will reignite that sens of passion and wonder. 

Work On Your Business

Now this may sound a little strange, however when you are working at a job or working on your finances, you always have one thing that is hard to break. Discipline. This discipline dictates if you can eat or sleep this month and as such becomes a very needed action. Vitality requires your commitment to discipline yourself. So try giving that discipline back to yourself a little more. 



You've probably heard of 75 Hard. A challenge where you take your body and turn it into a temple. Yeah, we did it too, and it wasn't great. As such we created our own challenge named Project 33. This challenge focuses on micro-commitments to your discipline for a macro adjustment to your Vitality. Accompanied by a video each day, we launch in waves, so that we can do it alongside you  and help hold you to the commitment. 

P.S. It's free



How many times have you gone to the supplement store to get a supplement? Maybe it was just a sleep aid that you needed to assist your circadian rhythm, only to find the section and only see supplements with names like "The Bull Dozer" Sleep aid formula and you begin to question if the supplement is even edible. Well, we started our own line of supplements for that exact reason. Our sleep aid, for example, is called "Sleep Aid Formula". That's it. 



Every year we host events all over the nation. During these events, we do challenges and activities with our team coach, Cory Rigatello. Now all of them are designed for people at any level. That means that no matter what you can participate in games, and challenges and at the same time learn about your health and ways to keep up with your Vitality.



The Infinity Club is our exclusive mastermind group. In this group we host special events at our home studio in Colorado. Hop on a monthly call to help workshop ideas for what you need and much more. 

This group is by interview only so if you'd like to sign up please use the inquiry box on the page below.