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33 Will Set You Free Training Series

Learn how to achieve the "Exponential Part of Life"by going The Final Percent!

The First Percent Series

The First Percent training series will bring you 33 days of online training that will give you bite-sized nuggets of knowledge each day. If implemented properly, the concepts discussed can truly prepare you for your best year yet and build you into the strongest version of yourself to go YOUR Final Percent!

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An Exponential Life Series

An Exponential Life training series brings you 33 days of online training with deep and powerful guiding principles each day in order to transform what you think is "possible" for your life into what’s “probable”. The concepts discussed can create the building blocks of your exponential life to achieve your wildest dreams. It's time to go YOUR Final Percent!

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An Exponential You Series

This series brings you 33 days of online training with life-altering concepts and tools for you to expand upon in order to discover what “An Exponential You” looks like. Are you truly ready to discover your purpose in this life and dare we say, go The FINAL Percent?? Now is the time to take ACTION and believe this is possible for YOU!

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The Comeback Tour with Coach Burt, Sharon Lechter, and Tim Storey

Nashville, TN - August 20th 2020

Dallas, TX - August 26th 2020

Phoenix, AZ - September 29th 2020

In 2020, Tim, Sharon, Coach Burt, and Greg Kimble will be setting out on a tour of the most DYNAMIC one-day events in the industry with their multi-city tour, The Comeback Tour. With combined decades of experience inspiring and empowering people who seek to get MORE out of their lives, these thought leaders know all too well what it takes to take a setback and transform it into the ultimate comeback. 


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