The Final Percent was born from one of the most mystical events we have the honor of experiencing on earth, the Eclipse. When Dr. Kimble witnessed the total Eclipse in Casper Wyoming he described the experience as otherworldly. The temperature dropped, the whole sky was darkened to what looked like 6:30pm on a spring night. Then Dr. Kimble looked straight up, right into the sun. Blocked by the moon he saw a glowing ring of light and he felt the true power that this universe holds. 

Upon his return to Denver, CO he was still dazzled by the magic he had just witnessed. He repeatedly asked everyone if they saw the Eclipse, everyone responded with a lesser form of exhilaration and said "Oh yeah it was super cool!" Dr. Kimble asked them if they had gone to Casper to witness the total eclipse and everyone said "No we had 99% here in Denver, and that was good enough." 

The response that 99% was good enough confused Dr. Kimble because he remembered the point at witch 99% was present and it was not the same as the total Eclipse. 

When the last percent of the Eclipse falls into place thats when he felt the change in the universe, thats when he discovered the magic that we are all capable of experiencing. Then it clicked. If people are ok with 99% and they repeatedly deny the existence of miracles and I saw the magic when I was willing to make it to that "final percent", then what if I push myself to go The Final Percent in everything? 

The answer was beyond what even he expected. He saw an exponential shift in his relationships, his finances, his happiness, his businesses, his marriage and even more! The best part about this was he wasn't judging his 100% based on other peoples standards, but rather this own. If we give our 100% in everything we do, we don't have to win, we don't have to be perfect, we just have to give it our all.   



Valfred is the mastermind behind all of TFP's content creation and marketing. He began working with Dr. Kimble when he was only 15! His journey began as the media assistant at KMGLife Inc. and over time he developed the skills necessary to become the media director. Now Valfred works to provide consistantly quality content for TFP. If you have seen any of our online videos or online content you can thank Valfred for the beautiful work. 

Valfred also recorded, edited and released all of the 33 day training series that are on our course list. He now dives head on into projects with music producers and businesses. This is only the beginning of Valfred's journey.  



TFP's wild card and website development master! He has designed multiple website for TFP clients and associates, as well as our very own! Salo also works alongside Valfred to capture content from events, meet ups and online courses. He is a master with a camera and even worked for The Miss USA Pageant. Alongside his ability to operate a camera Salo is also an incredible music engineer. He was one of the primary engineers working on AIM in 2021. 

Salo leads the charge when it comes to embodying TFP's core principals. At only 21 years old he has begun his journey to become an entrepreneur and change the world!



The one and only way to contact Dr. Greg Kimble! Owen works as the ultimate support system for all of TFP. He is the first point of contact and helps direct the flow of time for TFP's events and ventures. 

Owen is a skilled graphic designer, an aspiring photographer and a dedicated music engineer. Owen was part of the last class that Dr. Greg Kimble taught at KMG and they quickly became friends. He joined on to the TFP crew shortly after graduating in 2021. 

Owen functions as the jack of all trades but believe us when we say he is better than the master of one! 



Reach out to see what TFP can do to help develop or grow your company!