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Project 33 is a 33-day challenge focused on implementing and becoming committed to new habits. 

You will add new good habits, exclude old bad habits, and be challenged to stay consistent. 

It is not just about your health like most of today's challenges are. It is about connecting with people, taking your physical health seriously, and turning inwards to improve yourself. 

The key elements fall under one of the following four categories; 





Now let's take a look at the criteria.

Mobile App

Download our mobile app with a tracking system, an online community, and an easy way to watch the videos from Project 33. It can be found on Apple & Android

Project 33 Series

34 episodes with all of your action items set in mind. Helping you find more ways to stay accountable and actionable throughout the 33 days. 

 Daily Email

Get an email every day related to the video. Helping remind you to check in and watch the video. You can choose to opt out of the email as well.

G.O.O.J. Cards

Over the course of the challenge, you get 3 Get Out Of Jail Free cards. These allow you to stay in the challenge when one action item is not completed. 

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