The Infinity club is an exclusive coaching call every week. We offer access to all of the four primary areas of coaching.

Namely, Personal, Business, Vitality and Community. 

Once a week you will tune into a unique call from your coaches that will help you to double down in one of the four areas. Through this you can begin to blend the four together, see the similarities, differences and importance of all four. 

When you are born you begin in personal. You begin to develop a personality and become your own person. Based on who you become, that will influence what form of business you choose to do. Become an employee, a CEO, a leader, a wanderer, etc. Then based on what kind of business you do, it will begin to influence you health. Do you eat well, do you go to the gym, do you go out on Friday night, a home body, an extrovert, and so on and so forth. Then all of a sudden your health habits lead you to choose a community to be a part of. As you start to spend more time with that community, then you start to pick up new ideas, new philosophies and all of a sudden who you are changes. 

So where did we end up, right back at personal. From here the cycle will repeat over and over again. 

Your coaches:

Dr. Greg Kimble

Cayla Kimble

Dr. Eileen Gallagher

Julie Dale

Bob Tierney

Katie Richardson

Brian Bogert

George Bryant

Cory Rigitello

Dr. Mike Lynch


We invite you to take that journey with a community. To not be caught on the wheel of life but rather adventure across it. We will help you focus your power and become an infinitely exponential version of your self. 

Welcome to The Infinity Club. 

If you are a part of the mastermind, you will have receive a 50% discount on the Infinity Club