Our coaching is specifically meant for people looking to dive into one of four areas in their life. Those four areas are Personal, Business, Vitality, and Community. 

All of our coaches work in one or more of these areas as instructors to help you along your path. When you schedule a one-on-one call with any of them you will be met with their associated color and pillar. 

Also, keep in mind that while the coaches do focus you on one area they will help you develop all four. 

Connect With A Coach


The first step is to take our free survey which helps you identify what you are working on and what you need to be working on. This survey can be found through the link below and serves as an informational guide by which to get your first look at our infinity model. 

After you have identified where you will be working, we next recommend looking at each of the coaches listed within your chosen pillar. 

Our Personal coaches are:

  • Cayla Kimble
  • Dr. Eileen Gallagher
  • Craig Bennett¬†
  • Meredith MacKay

Our Business coaches are:

  • Cayla Kimble
  • Dr. Eileen Gallagher
  • Bob Tierney¬†
  • Julie Dale

Our Vitality coaches are:

  • Cayla Kimble
  • Dr. Eileen Gallagher
  • Cory Rigatello¬†¬†

Our Community coaches are: 

  • Cayla Kimble
  • Dr. Eileen Gallagher
  • Bob Tierney¬†


To schedule an intake call please fill out the form below. All coaches do individual billing after they have identified if you are a good fit for their program. 

Cayla Kimble 

Cayla has been a coach for many and a thought leader for many more. Over the last 2 years, she has taken time off to be with her son Konrad, however now, she is ready to start coaching and training once again.

Dr. Eileen Gallagher

Dr. Gallagher has worked in the medical world as a Doctor for many years. She has turned people's lives around with a visit and now works with others to change her practice to preventative rather than curative. 

Bob Tierney

Bob Tierney has changed more people's lives with a single conversation than most people have in a lifetime. Bob is what we call the human Care Bear. No matter the room, he outcares everyone else. 

Julie Dale

Julie Dale has been a real estate investor and business owner for many years. She now shares her knowledge with everyone she can in an effort to help them achieve financial freedom. 

Cory Rigatello 

Cory has become a pivotal individual in The Final Percent community. He has taken many of our members to a state of vitality that many of them never thought possible. That is why to us, he is Coach.

Craig Bennett

Craig has spent time in the corporate world, and Craig has spent time traveling the world. He says the ladder is a much better choice. He and his wife, Meredith, now work to help people as they traverse the Road Of Life. 

Meredith MacKay

Meredith can light up a room with a smile like no one else. She brings energy and passion to every situation. She also used to work in the corporate world before she met her husband Craig and took off on the Road Of Life. 

Connect With A Coach

Signing Up For Coaching

We operate on a case-by-case basis. Therefore if the coach does not think they are a good fit for you they may refer you to another coach.

Each coach has limited availability and you may need to be put on a waiting list. 

In case you are in need of coaching sooner than the coach is available, please set up a call with a member of our team and they will assist you in finding a good coach on your timeline. 

If you would like to simply add questions for the coaches, please select the box titled "I do not know" and a member of our team will assist you with questions or setting up a 15 minute call with the coach.