From Vision To Reality: Materializing Dreams

Detroit Michigan
May 31st, 2024


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What To Expect

With The Detroit Totality Event, you can expect inspiring keynote speakers, strategic interventions, interactive activities, networking opportunities, and a once in a lifetime experience. 

We welcome all families, entrepreneurs, motivated individuals, and anyone who has the motivation to take their life to a whole new level. 

Are you ready to find your Final Percent?

Face To Face 

At The Final Percent, we bring you face to face with the speakers so you can have direct conversations and ask the questions you have on your mind. 

Family Friendly

TFP Kids is our initiative to allow parents to develop at events without having to leave their spouse and kids at home. From snacks to entertainment we have a room dedicated to their experience. 

Keynote Speakers

With the Infinity Model, we bring in dedicated speakers to help work with you in each of the four areas. Personal, Business, Vitality & Community. 

Life Changing Strategies

By utilizing our specialized system of coaching called The Infinity Model we will help you Identify, Explore, and Implement your best path to success. 

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi.

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Totality: Full Infinity Model

May 31st: Community Networking

5 PM 

We always open a Totality event with a community function, we will have a meet and greet, registration, and open room for everyone.

For this event, our community members, Dale & Marla of Marda Management have requested to host their weekly Pizza Night with the Community. 

Please stay tuned for the location. 

June 1st: Personal & Business

10 AM

Day one will open with a deep dive into your personal, internal mindset. In the afternoon we will then take a deep dive into your Business, with strategies to either enhance or restructure your work into a license to print money. (Not actually, just metaphorically)

Kids will be in the TFP Kids  Borad Room.

June 2nd: Vitality & Community

9 AM

Day two will open with a group exercise, if you do not wish to participate we recommend you make it to the room by 10:30 AM to join us for the training. In the afternoon, we will then take a deep dive into how to build stronger relationships and bonds with your community. 

Kids will be in the TFP Kids Board Room.

June 3rd: Departure

11 AM

As with all events, this one too must come to a close. Please plan to depart back home on this day and plan your travel accordingly. 

No TFP scheduled activities will be taking place. 


Embassy Suites by Hilton Detroit Troy Auburn Hills


Join us at the Embassy Suites Troy Auburn Hills to have easy access to the event as well as after event dinners and hangouts. 

We have a room block available if you would like to book. 

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Hugh Zaretsky

Infinity Pillar: Personal

Eric Counts

Infinity Pillar: Business

Devin Thaut

Infinity Pillar: Vitality

Greg Kimble

Infinity Pillar: Community


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