TFP Wyoming Retreat 

Join us in Wyoming for an adventurous week. From fireside chats, outdoor intensives, and Jeep rides in the mountains, we can't wait to share this beautiful area with you. 

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TFP Colorado Summit

Join us for our annual local summit. Last year we featured guests like Sharon Lechter, George Bryant, Brian Bogert, Bob Snyder, and more! Come stop by and see what we are up to this year

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Renatus Denver Regionals

Last year we held Denver Regionals at Boulder Country Club, this year we are expecting so many people we can no longer keep it there. Come by and see some of our fantastic artists and speakers in the community.

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TFP Cruise 

OH YEAH! In 2024 we are going to sail the Caribbean! This 7-day all-inclusive trip is going to be one you are not going to want to miss out on.  

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Arkansas Eclipse


If you have spent any time with us at all, then you know that the eclipse is kind of our thing. AND WE GET TO SEE IT AGAIN!!! They say this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But we get a second chance at it. Come check it out!

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12th Annual Summit

We are bringing back the big one! After two years of smaller mastermind events, we want to bring everyone back for our big conference. Our last one was an absolute blast and this time we want to top ourselves. Come visit us in Colorado to experience our biggest event yet!


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