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The Total Eclipse

April 7th - 10th 2024

Dallas Texas

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The Final Percent Presents

The opportunity to view the celestial experience of a lifetime.


What To Expect


Day 1

April 7th

Arrival and Community session number 1. 

Day 2

April 8th

Personal growth into the Total Eclipse followed by Business development. 

Day 3

April 9th

Dedicated to your Vitality, followed by our evening Community session to send everyone off. 

Day 4

April 10th

Departure from the event space. 


Dr. Greg Kimble

Co-owner & founder of The Final Percent. Your host for this exclusive event. 

Cayla Kimble

Co-owner and founder of The Final Percent. Your host for this incredible event. 

Dr. Eileen Gallagher

Practicing medical doctor and Infinity coach for The Final Percent. 

George Bryant

A genius in the marketing world who world tirelessly to take business to the next level. 

Gunther Klaus

Creator of Strength & Mechanics, a leader on understanding your body and how it works. 

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The Details


Flying To The Event

Fly into Dallas Texas. Either airport is available. Love Feild Airport is 2 miles from the event space and Dallas International is 13.5 from the event space. Either way, you're looking at 5-20 minutes of travel. 



King Rooms

More reservations are available. We have a large number of King rooms available right now, you can book through our reservation link, once you sign up for the event. 

Duo Rooms

Traveling with a friend? We have a limited number of duo rooms available for you and a friend so that you can work to split the cost. 

Food & Beverage


Meals are NOT provided. While attendance is free, meals are not, please plan on going out to eat or bringing food. 

Mastermind members will be provided with food. 


Water provided. We will also bring in drinks like sparkling water. Please plan on bringing anything else you might want. 

Everything Else

Eclipse Viewing

On April 8th we will spend most of the day viewing the eclipse. When the eclipse begins we will all put on our glasses and view the totality. 

Team Recording

Our team will be recording the event. Please keep this in mind as we are doing sessions and having conversations. 

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