TFP R.E.D. or The Final Percent Real Estate Development is your one-stop shop for real estate-focused business and company development. Our work with the renowned company RENATUS has led us to become much more serious about the business side of TFP.


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Every Thursday we host an online version of what is referred to as "The Renatus Intro". This webinar features exclusive guests speaking about the experiences that lead them to change their life, how they are implementing the education into their own lives, and real-world examples of how it all works.

Ask questions, learn from these amazing people or just come hang out with the community. 

On the last Thursday of every month, we also host an in-person social event. This event can range from bingo night to backyard barbecue. This event is all about friends just hanging out, and you are invited! 

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Inquiry only, a TFP R.E.D. representative will reach out to help register you for the event. 

Please contact your Renatus Representative to register if you have one.