Our 2021 Summit at the Westin was TFP's biggest Summit yet and it was so much fun! 

Dan Hoyt began the event with a heart pounding speech that pulled our guests into one of the most surreal vision quests imaginable. He brought out emotions many of us had not felt in a long time. A big thank you to Dan for his magical speech! 

Following Dan, Nate May brought the heat with an uplifting speech about how changed people, change people and pushing power to power. He showed us the effects that it will have on your life and your relationships. His energy and passion was an inspiration in and of itself. Thank you Nate for changing all of us!

After Nate we were joined by Brain Bogert, who gave us a speech like no other. It showed the true power of the human soul. As he spoke the energy in the room turned to focus and drive. It showed us all that with dedication and a positive mindset we truly can become Limitless. Thank you Brian for showing us all that the only cap on life is our own mind. 

Next up was Dr. Eileen Gallagher. Dr. Gallagher has been a huge part of TFP for a long time and we were so happy to have her join us on stage this year! For her speech she spoke about building bridges. Bridges to her, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, represented opportunity. She spoke about how bridges close the gap between people and give them a clear path to walk down. Thank you Eileen for building a bridge with us!

As our fifth guest speaker for the day we had the one and only Dr. JC Doornick. Dr. Doornick brought some serious energy to the stage with his gold jacket and stylish fedora. For his speech he touched on the subject of value. He crumpled up a $50 bill and asked everyone if it was still worth $50. Of course the answer is, yes! He reminded us all that we are the same. Thank you JC for showing each of us our true value. 

Our next speaker was the wonderful Katie Richardson. Katie continued on the idea of value by helping us all understand acceptance. Accepting ourselves, our power, our passion and why we all deserve love and prosperity. She showed us the power of being present in the moment and how you can achieve your dreams by accepting who you are on the inside. Thanking Katie for accepting us, for us.

Next up was Tim Storey. Sadly this year Tim was unable to make it as he had alternate obligations in another city. However Tim filmed a video summarizing his speech into its key elements. Tim spoke about his core concept known as the Miracle Mentality. The idea that if we believe it we can achieve it. He showed us the principles by which we may live by, to achieve our dreams and meet our goals. Thank you Tim for your words of inspiration, we hope to have you on stage next year!

Following Tim was a long time friend and collaborator of Dr. Kimbles, Andre Jones. Andre brought a super unique concept and story to everyone. He spoke about his past and how he had fought through incredible adversity in order to overcome challenges. He deciphered this to us through relating it to the Matrix. He was trapped in mundane life and when faced with the question of red vs blue, he chose red. He escaped and found his passions again and changed his life for the better. Thank you Andre for touching our hearts, our minds and our souls.

We then had Gorge Bryant jump into action on the stage. He came out swinging with a philosophy we have all heard but don’t entirely comprehend. Self care. He touched on how businesses and entrepreneurs focus on the company and success over their own wants and needs. He gave us an idea of self commitment first, then how to show up as yourself and crush your own successes. Thank you George for showing up as yourself and demonstrating personal prowess.

Second to last for the night we had the opportunity to listen to one of the masterminds of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Sharon Lechter. Sharon's goal for the evening was to help everyone identify financial freedom and economic prosperity. She taught us the phrase “assets are sexy” and showed us the ways in which she failed, in which she succeeded and in which she learned from both. She was an inspiration to us all and showed us the power of association. Thank you Sharon for your gift of Outwitting The Devil and for teaching us more than we could ever repay!

Ending day one was our very own Dr. Greg Kimble! To close the evening Dr. Kimble told the story of how he made it to Denver. He spoke about his mentality and the constant shift that took place in him. He touched on the fear he had as he came over Vail pass and he told us about the snowplow that saved his life that night. Dr. Kimble told this story because he wished to demonstrate the importance of finding a mentor, of finding someone who has been where you are and knows how to push the snow out of the way. He pointed out all the people who had spoken that night and showed everyone that they can now go and speak with them on a personal level to learn what to do as a next step in their life. During the summit Dr. Kimble's son had not been born yet, now Dr. Kimble is officially a father. His son Konrad was born just a few months back and is in good health. Thank you and congratulations Dr. Kimble!

With one day down and one still to go everyone joined us for our “A.I.M.” (Album of Inspirational Music) Debut. 14 songs of motivation and inspiration, we had a great night of food, dancing and relaxation. At the end we all retired for the night and prepared for our Sunday morning “Entrepreneurial Church”. 

Our first speaker for Sunday was Jason Duncan. Jason spoke about exiting a company at the correct time. Not only exciting though, but to build your company so that when the time is right you can exit. He gave everyone indicators of the correct time and when to identify if you're overextending. Thank you Jason for joining us and teaching us the value of planning. 

Our second guest for Sunday morning was Ben Humble. Ben gave insight into challenges and the mentality needed to overcome them. He spoke about the importance of acceptance and the necessity of pushing forward. He gave everyone the fundamentals of motivational thinking and why a positive mindset is important. He then taught us how to give that motivation and mindset to others. Thank you Ben for giving us a piece of your motivation. 

Following Ben we had Chris Starkey. Chris had become an internet sensation overnight after a video with his daughter went viral and he became known as the dancing dad. Chris told us about his history in motivational speaking and how that story had become directly intertwined with who he was today. He gave us insight into the adversity he had overcome and the challenges that repeatedly raised throughout his life and how he had no choice but to overcome them. His story gave us an idea of what is possible if you are willing to fight for what you need in life. Thank you Chris for showing us all how to have fun while overcoming adversity. 

Closing the event, our last speaker was Coach Michel Burt. Coach brought to us his key concept, the Prey Drive. He showed us what it means to go full heartedly towards your goals. He demonstrated the importance of finding a target and driving towards it without a shadow of doubt in your mind. Thanks Coach Burt for closing us with the drive to accomplish anything. 

To end the event we had everyone join us for a Q&A with the speakers and learn from them 1 on 1. Then to celebrate Cayla Kimble’s birthday we had karaoke night on the stage. We laughed, we sang, we danced and we praised. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at the Westin and thank you so much for all of the speakers who gave their time to teach us all how to live healthier, wealthier, happier lives! 

Until next time, Go The Final Percent!