Part way through our tour with Coach Michael Burt, we returned home for a weekend with the TFP community. We had some great people, some new faces, some long time friends. None the less we were so thankful that everyone joined us for a magic weekend in Vail. 

Day one we opened with mediation. Austin Uhl and Amber Mikesell lead us through a mind opening experience meant to prepare us for what the weekend had in store. Following mediation Greg Kimble lead us in with a warm welcome. 

The rest of the day was pact with great speeches, concepts, hikes and hot tub time machines! (If you know you know.) We made great connections and breakthroughs over this first day that by themselves we would have been worth us putting this event on. We weren't done just yet though. 

Day two we lead in with a workout, meant to realign the mind, body and soul. After preparing for the day we jumped in with personal growth mentalities and the importance of growth. Remember the essence of life? Well that was one of the best things we got to witness over the course of this weekend. 

From friends old and friends new, we want to extend the deepest thank you to everyone who made it up for our Summit! We appreciate and love you all! Can't wait to see you all at the next one!