Dr. Greg Kimble 

Dr. Greg Kimble has held many titles in his time. As a teenager, he got his start in the music industry as a singer-songwriter and went on to become a producer, engineer, performer, educator, and business owner, just to name a few. Kimble resides in Boulder, CO as the Chairman of the Board of KMGLife Inc., a multi-media company and music production school widely known as KMG Academy, and as Founder and CEO of The Final Percent. Through this he has developed a successful name in motivational speaking and life coaching.


Mrs. Cayla Kimble 

Cayla Kimble is often referred to as “the glue that holds everything together.” It’s a title she is proud of and one that has proven to be true throughout her personal and professional life. In 2011, she left a stable job in the banking industry to pursue a career in the music business. During that time Cayla became a full-fledged entrepreneur and built successful businesses from the ground up with her husband Greg Kimble, which gave her invaluable business, operations, communication, and leadership experience. 

In her transition from a fixed to a growth mindset, Cayla has discovered a passion for learning and personal growth, as well as for uncovering new possibilities for her life. Because she has spent the last decade effectively breaking down ideas into systems and processes, she loves to help others implement strategy and structure into their lives. She is an advocate of creating morning routines, since her personal daily routines have played a major role in her development over the years. Cayla also has a solid understanding of relationships, especially ones involving a significant other due to her strong and steady marriage with her husband.

Cayla is currently the CEO of KMGLife Inc., a multi-media company and music production school widely known as KMG Academy, and is also the Co-Founder of The Final Percent. Her mission in life is to equip others to achieve their exponential existence and help them realize we are all in the right place at the right time.


Dr. Eileen Gallagher

Dr. Gallagher was born and raised in Northern California. She graduated from high school in 1988, then went to UC Davis for her undergraduate education and graduated with Honors in Nutrition Science. She then went to UC San Francisco for a Dietetic Internship and then worked there for 2 years and specialized in Internal Medicine, Surgical and Psychiatric nutrition. Subsequently she went to the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine graduating in 2000. While there she was elected to the Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha. She then specialized in Family Medicine doing residency at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) graduating in 2003. She then worked for a year at Providence Seaside Medical Center before moving to Colorado where she has been for 16 years. She was a shareholder at Boulder Medical Center for 15 years as a Family Medicine Physician where she loved taking care of people in all walks of life. She utilized her nutrition background to help patients work on restructuring their behaviors and create healthier habits. She became the Physician Champion while there and helped to integrate systems around more effective workflows and efficient care, improved patient satisfaction, improved physician satisfaction as well as incorporating value-based care. She reduced her clinical work to part time after her children were born and was able to incorporate Health Coaching into her tool kit, which helped her to become more versatile in the tools. She learned to share concepts with others that could help them create the life they want. As well, she has been on her own personal growth journey for past 10 years and has so much gratitude for what it has been able to provide for her. She is well traveled which has opened her eyes to cultural and lifestyle differences. Parenting has provided a wealth of learning opportunities for which she has worked with her children on mindset, kindness and growth. She embarked on her own journey of coaching through The Final Percent with Greg Kimble to create an educational business around value-based care. The coaching evolved to some life coaching as well. During this coaching journey, she realized the importance of helping others see what is possible, create the life they want and go the final percent for themselves. She has now joined The Final Percent coaching team.  She will use her medical expertise related to overall health, both internal and external, as well as her life experiences and areas of expertise to help enhance other’s lives. She can’t wait to help others Go The Final Percent.

Mr. Andre Jones

Hello, my name is Andre (DJ Wyzeman) Jones.  

Someone once asked me, "What makes me awesome"?  As, I pondered the question, the first answer that came to my mind, is that EVERYONE should believe that they're awesome. We're  living, breathing, vessels of awesomeness, that have been blessed with this gift called life. Now this line of thinking hasn't always been my initial response when thinking about myself, and most people today would feel the same. 

My viewpoint on the blessings of life have been shaped over the years through personal challenges, relationships, social interactions, and acquired knowledge. I am a cancer survivor, father of two beautiful daughters, and a loving husband to my wife of 15 years. I'm also a singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ, hence my "stage name" DJ Wyzeman. You'll often hear those close to me call me "Hollywood", but that's a story for another time. 

At the end of the day, I do know that I was granted another shot at this beautiful work of art called life, to accomplish exponential things. We are all shaped by our experiences, and interactions with each other; and If I'm able to provide a positive moment in someone else's life, then I've achieved what I believe I'm on this earth to do.