Coach Greg Kimble

Dr. Greg Kimble is a leader, a father, an entrepreneur and a perseverance expert. Dr. Kimble works with you to find your "X-Potential". This is your hidden skills and abilities that make you indispensable to anyone and everyone in your life. 

Dr. Greg Kimble
Coach Cayla Kimble

Mrs. Cayla Kimble is the embodiment of leadership and kindness. She is the glue that holds TFP together and through this she brings confidence, precision and an uplifting attitude. Through working with Cayla you will learn what it means to lead and how excel at it. 

Mrs. Cayla Kimble
Coach Eileen Gallagher

Dr. Eileen Gallagher is a practicing medical doctor serving the Boulder area. She is a health coach that brings out the best in you. Dr. Gallagher teaches healthy habits, eating, fitness and mentalities that will get you looking and feeling better! This all begins with your personal image. 

Dr. Eileen Gallagher
Coach Briana Stonelake

Ms. Briana Stonelake is a therapist serving the Phoenix area. She unlocks hidden memories, deep set emotions and troubling trauma that will bring about positive, enlightening changes in your life. After unlocking these hidden traumas, she shows you healthy ways to move past and overcome. 

Ms. Briana Stonelake
Coach Bob Tierney

Mr. Bob Tierney is a real estate investor in the Chicago area. Bob has a history in home repair giving him a fundamental understanding of the real estate world and what goes on behind the scenes. After finding success in his own life he now teaches others how to unlock financial freedom. 

Mr. Bob Tierney
Coach Julie Hudetz Dale

Julie is a real estate investor working alongside her husband in the Denver area. Julie has had years of practice learning about the ins and outs of the complex social world of business. She assists clients in finding the best deals, making long lasting connections and building in a future.

Mrs. Julie Hudetz Dale

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