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After the craziness of lockdown and the world was beginning to calm down, we hoped on the road to remind people of their mission and how to recover. With Coach Micheal Burt at the helm and Sharon Lechter, Tim Storey and Greg Kimble backing him up, this tour was shaping up to be one to remember. 

Beginning in Nashville, TN at Coach Burt's personal estate, we got the ball rolling with a bang! Each speaker gave a speech that was nothing short of awe inspiring. Miracles, drive, financial freedom and personal development were just a few of the many topics covered in just the first stop! 

From there we continued on to Dallas, TX for our second stop of the tour. Even with the strict covid guidelines preventing large audiences, we saw a great turn out of incredible people. With personal potential and the discovery of ones own "superpowers" as the focus of the second stop, we all got a great glimpse into what the future holds. 

Before we made our last stop in Phoenix we took a slight break to do two of our own events. First we returned to Colorado for our annual Summit in Vail. Following this began our journey to Phoenix and made one last stop along the way. In Paradise Valley, AZ were we held out 2020 Mastermind. After that we made the last leg of the adventure and stopped in Phoenix. 

For the last event of this tour we watched as the speakers poured their hearts and souls into the audience. It was a wonderful event and an even better tour. With a heart felt fair well, we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways for the time being. Thank you so much to Coach Micheal Burt for bringing us along on this tour!