Bob Tierney has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for 20+ years and has been passionate about helping people achieve success in their own lives for over 15 years. Bob’s commitment to his team’s success has resulted in over 2200 training & support calls, he has helped produce well over 250 monthly workshops and live trainings, resulting in thousands of people moving forward in their lives, businesses, and real estate investment ventures. Bob’s passion for educating and equipping people with the skills for success continue to make a difference in the lives of many. Some of Bob’s clients have built very successful businesses and real estate investment companies leading to millions of dollars in revenue. 

Bob worked as a contract laborer for years and found that he would put his time and effort into projects for people who were making ten times his salary. After watching clients repeatedly find success off of work he was doing, Bob decided, why can't I be working from the other end of this deal? So he left his company and began investing into real estate venture of his own. At first he was terrified. Asking himself, why did I do that? Then suddenly, his investments paid off. He began to see the power of generating cash flow and the benefits that came with it. Suddenly he was making ten times the money with out having to work 70 hour weeks. 

Now Bob works as a coach for others and helps guide them to the success he once discovered. Bob works with world class clients in the Chicago area and seeks to teach everyone the importance of commitment and patience.