Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Financial Foundation! In this series we are joined by Sharon Lechter. Sharon has worked with some of the world’s most notable authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier, Greg S. Reid, Bill Walsh, Erik Swanson, Mark Victor Hansen and Berny Dohrmann. She is well known for her work on the popular books, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Napoleon Hills, “Outwitting The Devil” and “Exit Rich”. Now Sharon has worked with The Final Percent for an exclusive series designed to teach you about how you can be successful in your own business and finances. Follow along on this 33 day journey to learn about the good, the bad and the ugly in the entrepreneurial world!


Follow Sharon’s very own formula to achieve the ultimate success in your life.

Financial success means reinvesting in yourself.

Don’t have all of your assets in one basket.

Learn more about the fundamental nature of putting space between your assets.

Your credit score is either an asset or a liability.

When it comes to money the language you use determines your mindset.

It’s so important to read the fine print!

Take control and take action to achieve massive success.

Don’t be an impulsive shopper.

As you create your financial plan, identify your debt as good or bad.

The quickest way to succeed is having a mentor.

If we want something different out of life then we need to start making different choices.

We are either spending our time or investing our time.

There are 4 different ways we make money.

Identify how to have power while speaking with others.

Many of us have heard or even said the phrase, “I can’t afford it.”

Learn how to begin the road to financial freedom.

Identify how easy it is in the modern era to make money.

Create an abundance mindset.

You don’t have to start your own business to be an entrepreneur.

The basic thing that stops us in our tracks

What is your purpose in life?

What bad habits can you convert into good habits?

Have you learned from your mistakes?

What environment are you placing yourself in?

Are you investing or spending your time? What things are you doing in life that you don’t even remember doing? Are you intentional with what you say and do?

Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Create a symbol of financial freedom.

As an adult it’s important to keep yourself curious and creative.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Learn why you need to practice these things to learn more about them.

Is your net worth equal to your network?

It’s time to create a new beginning for you.