Welcome to The Final Percent’s free mindset training series! This series focuses on the fundamental ideas necessary to bring about the right questions you need to be asking your life. From engaging videos to daily worksheets we want to help you find the skills you need to start your journey towards an exponential life! With that being said it is up to you to want these goals in order to achieve them. We will help you in the process of developing and maintaining healthy habits that will change your life. With this series you can expect 33 days of unique concepts, challenges and goals. 


Warm welcome to the series and the overview of what you can expect. (As seen above)

Learn what it means to Go The Final Percent and why you should.

Find out about the equation for life and how to calculate your goals.

Listen to the story of how Dr. Greg Kimble came to Colorado and the important lessons he learned.

Discover the beauty of bringing energy to a room and how it affects your peers.

Find the power in how far you’ve come.

Contemplate when you should stop learning and start executing.

See how you can push yourself based on responsibility.

Rediscover the importance of giving and receiving.

Determine when actions are impossible for you to accomplish.

Identify the kind of leader you are and how to work more effectively with those around you.

Learn how your actions right now can drastically affect your future.

Incorporate effective planning into your daily routine.

Find the link you have been missing between the relationship with yourself and your peers.

Retouch on The Final Percent concept and dive deeper into how to integrate it with your work.

Determine what goals you can complete and how to set goals that are accomplishable.

Evolve your drive by finding the importance of growth.

Identify how to create balance by shying away from perfection and pity.

Learn why the size of goals can only be determined by you.

Find out why it is important to give powerful people powerful opportunities.

Differentiate when you are intrigued by something and when you want to take action for something.

Identify why you should stop watching the end goal and start watching the path to it.

Listen to a story about when you should let go of something and move onto something new.

Learn how to identify when you have final say on something and why the other person or persons need to listen to you.

Discover the areas of life we all live in and why they all come in cycles.

Contemplate how movement is more important than flawlessness.

Find the difference between relaxation and laziness.

Discover the difference between whose mind you change and whose life you change.

Balance your life's checking account and discover that you have one.

Invent a plan that can create Clear, Believable Action.

Use this metaphor to create a mindset that inspires rather than expires.

Continue the chain and light up someone else's life.

Now we will set goals together and move forward with purpose.