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The First Percent

This series brings you 33 days of online training that will give you bite-sized nuggets of knowledge each day. If implemented properly, the concepts discussed can truly build you into the strongest version of yourself to go YOUR Final Percent!


An Exponential Life

This series brings you 33 days of online training with deep and powerful guiding principles each day in order to transform what you think is "possible" for your life into what's "probable". It's time to go YOUR Final Percent!

An Exponential You

This series brings you 33 days of online training with life-altering concepts and tools for you to expand upon in order to discover what “An Exponential You” looks like. Are you truly ready to discover your purpose in this life and dare we say, go The FINAL Percent?? Now is the time to take ACTION and believe this is possible for YOU!

What The E.F.F? (Entrepreneur Financial Foundation)

Sharon Lechter is internationally recognized as a financial literacy expert, keynote speaker and business mentor. Sharon is currently launching her newest title, Exit Rich to support entrepreneurs in building value and scalability in their businesses so they can be in the position of greatest potential.


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