The Final Percent

The Final Percent

Hosted by: Greg Kimble

The Final Percent is the hidden factor to achieving the best part of life.

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Creativity: The Key to Keeping an Open Mind

Episode #79

Ep 79: Creativity is an essential part of each an every one of us, whether we live and work in a creative field or not. In this episode, we're talking about creativity, keeping an open mind, and living with the...
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Influence vs. Impact

Episode #78

Ep 78: What does it look like to be someone of value? To be someone of value to yourself, to the people you care about, to your career, etc. Making an impact and influencing people starts with who you are and who you...
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What to Do When Life Happens, and Then Some

Episode #77

Ep 77: The only predictable thing about life is its unpredictability. Life has been full of the unexpected this summer, and Cayla and I have been taking things day by day, learning about ourselves and one another...
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Greg Kimble, Guest Speaker at The Real Doug Wood's Massive Momentum Tour

Episode #76

Ep 76: "What do you get when you cross a Church Boy and a Homeless Person? Apparently a millionaire." The Real Doug Wood's Massive Momentum Tour was full of energy and momentum at Cielo at Castle Pines in Castle...
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Live from the REAL Doug Wood's Massive Momentum Tour

Episode #75

Ep 75: I had the honor of guest speaking at the Castle Rock stop on Doug Wood's Massive Momentum Tour on June 3rd. Doug and I sat down before the event to talk about his book, Church Boy to Millionaire, and...
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Brian Watson: Author, Politician, and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners

Episode #74

Ep 74: For this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Watson, Founder and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners, long-time entrepreneur, author, and seasoned politician. We discussed his "7 Rings" (the...
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The Importance of Building Relationships with Kyle Henderson

Episode #73

Ep 73: Today's special guest has built his life, both in and outside of the workplace, around the importance of investing in strong relationships. In this episode, I interview an incredible businessman and an even...
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Mother's Day: Life with Linnaea Kimble

Episode #72

Ep 72: What better person to interview on Mother's Day Weekend than my amazing mom, Linnaea Kimble. Her wisdom has shaped me and transformed my life--it's about time we shared that wisdom with all of you!
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The ABCs of Attitude with Bob Eskew

Episode #71

Ep 71: In this episode, we're joined by Bob Eskew to discuss his vast experience in business and entrepreneurship and hear his wisdom and advice for young entrepreneurs.
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Letting Go of "Stuff"

Episode #70

Ep 70: On this episode, we're diving deep into the topic of negativity and the toxic effect it has on your life. What does it look like to let go of the things that cause you to harbor negativity? 
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Push Power to Power

Episode #69

Ep 69: We live in a world where the threat of competitors can be debilitating and supporting competitors appears taboo. What if we shift our mentality, support one another, and push power toward those around us who...
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A Conversation with Austin Uhl: Uniting Body, Mind, and Soul

Episode #68

Ep 68: Austin Uhl, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Life Meditation Coach, is transforming lives one coaching session at a time, and has also been an incredibly transformative part of my life. Listen in to hear...
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