The Final Percent

The Final Percent

Hosted by: Greg Kimble

The Final Percent is the hidden factor to achieving the best part of life.

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House of Cards

Episode #103

Ep. 103 We're back today in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic happening in our country, discussing the major flaws in the current business models companies are operating within. So many of the businesses that have...
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Episode #102

Ep. 102 The word of the day today is "Opporchancity." In this tumultuous time in the world, we need to take a chance on the opportunities we have been given. Now more than ever, we are constantly grasping for...
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Episode #101

Ep. 101 With the overwhelming effects of the recent coronavirus pandemic our country is facing today, we are living in an uncertain, ever-changing, UNPRECEDENTED time. In times of great adversity always comes great...
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The Sircle of S's

Episode #92

Ep. 92 The "Sircle of S's" is a concept I have been developing for a while now and I want to share it with you. There are 5 S's in life that are very important in the process of achieving your goals: 1. SAFE - We all...
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7 Steps to Becoming a More Intentional Leader Featuring Rocio Perez

Episode #90

Ep. 90 Today at TFP Studios I got to sit down with leadership trainer, Ms. Rocio Perez. Rocio is the founder of Inventiva Consulting, a company created to bring positive change to the workplace and to help...
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Who are YOU Influencing? Featuring Hypnautic

Episode #86

Ep 86: As I got the chance to spend some time with my longtime friend Hypnautic, we discussed the current state of the "Influencer" game and the impact it is making on our world. So many influencers out there, no...
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Everything Begins with Belief - Featuring Tristan Silva

Episode #85

Ep 85: Today I met with Tristan Silva - the social media expert of Diamond Limited Enterprises. We discussed what is possible when you choose to focus on belief in yourself, your brand, your business, and more. One of...
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Life Just Doesn't Get Better Than This

Episode #84

Ep 84: My dad has always told me that "memories are the best way to teach us how to know we were in the right place at the right time" and if I didn't believe him back then, I can wholeheartedly tell you that truer...
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Performance vs. Development

Episode #83

Ep 83: Are you in a "development" stage in your life? Or a "performance" stage in your life? Everyone has undergone development in at least one area of their life, but often times people try to perform at a higher...
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The "I Need to Decompress" Phenomenon

Episode #82

Ep 82: In this day and age, the entrepreneurs, influencers, hustlers (you name it!) promote an always-working mindset at all hours of the day. What happens when we hit our limit? Generally the popular phrase that has...
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Growth and Overcoming w/ Salo Kimble

Episode #81

Ep 81: I got the chance to sit down in my truck, on the top of a mountain with my nephew, Salo Kimble, to talk about what it’s been like to watch him grow and overcome obstacles. It’s a blessing to watch the ones we...
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Relationships in Business

Episode #80

Ep 80: We have relationships in every area of life, business included. Strong, close relationships are essential for success in your work, but building those relationships takes intentionality and hard work. That’s...
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