The Sircle of S's

Episode #92

Ep. 92 The "Sircle of S's" is a concept I have been developing for a while now and I want to share it with you. There are 5 S's in life that are very important in the process of achieving your goals:

1. SAFE - We all start in the SAFE part of life. Don't take risks, don't spend more than you make, don't live above your means. etc.

2. STRETCH - As you move past always playing it SAFE, you will begin attempting to STRETCH your time, stretch your knowledge, stretch your budget, stretch your relationships, and move a little bit further than you are ready to. Remember: You can only lead as far as you've gone.

3. SCARY - Once you have STRETCHED just a little too far and entered into new territory, generally people enter what is called the "scary" part of life and if they are not ready to experience it fully, they will begin retreating out of fear all the way back to the SAFE part of life.

4. SACRIFICE - If you have persevered through the SCARY part of life and continue moving forward, you will begin to SACRIFICE things like your time, energy, and other things that are important to you in order to achieve the things you want.


5. SPECIAL - Once you have made it through the SCARY times, and the times of SACRIFICE, you will finally begin to understand your accomplishments, you will appreciate all of the time and energy you have expended, and experience what is now the SPECIAL part of your life. 

As you continue through this cycle, the key in this process is skip the SCARY part of life and make it to the SACRIFICE part of life as fast as humanly possible. Sacrifice brings and breeds reward and will carry you to the SPECIAL part of life. We are meant to be Special. We are meant to do special things. Too many people are stuck in the scared mindset and never get to truly appreciate the Special part of life. Once you have hit your goal in the Special part, you will slowly shift back to the SAFE mindset, create a new goal (generally bigger than your last) and will repeat the Sircle of S's once again.


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