The Final Percent

The Final Percent

Hosted by: Dr. Greg Kimble

The Final Percent is the hidden factor to achieving the best part of life.

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Appreciate BEFORE life makes you.

Episode #115

Appreciation is one of the rare gits that we have as human beings. Learn to raise your awareness so you can spend more time enjoying life while it's happening instead of living in the land of, shoulda coulda, woulda....
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What is FREEDOM really?

Episode #114

Freedom is very important to us humans. In this episode, I discuss different ways to be free. It usually means something different to everyone. So let's talk about what freedom really is. 
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Love On People Who Love On You

Episode #113

Ep. 113 In this episode I talk about restarting my podcast and doubling down on people who double down on you. The video of this will be live on my YouTube channel as I am walking around our facility in Boulder, CO...
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The Power of Association with Sharon Lechter

Episode #112

Ep. 112 At the end of my speaking tour, I had the honor and privilege of sitting down with Sharon Lechter, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, in her home. We discussed life, business, and what’s next for Sharon as she...
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Creating Positive Momentum with Dr. JC Doornick

Episode #111

Ep. 111 In this episode I interview Dr. JC Doornick, a wildly successful health and business coach based in New York. In today's climate, it may seem difficult to make progress in life but we discuss why opportunities...
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Living the High Life with the Mack Twins

Episode #110

In this episode I interview the dynamic, high energy duo affectionately named the Mack Twins. Ian and Evan Macklin are forces in their industry and give incredible insight into sales, living life, business, and...
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Interview with Top American Idol Contestant David Hernandez

Episode #109

In this episode I interview top American Idol contestant and long time friend David Hernandez. We discuss the evolution of the music industry while taking a trip down memory lane and there MAY even be a little singing...
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Mindset Shift Featuring Cayla Kimble

Episode #108

Ep. 108 Today I got the chance to sit down with my partner in business and in life, my wife Cayla Kimble. Just like any other business in the midst of the pandemic, we have had negative thoughts about our future and...
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Do It Anyway: Revisited

Episode #107

Ep. 107 This concept has been a major staple with my clients and I believe its purpose holds true now more than ever. With society having more time at home on their hands to choose to pursue new things, new hobbies,...
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Community Featuring Drew Dugan

Episode #106

Ep. 106 Today I sat down with my good friend Drew Dugan to get his perspective on the recent COVID-19 crisis at hand and what changes he expects the world to make to pivot into a more virtual reality. Society has been...
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No Instruction Manual

Episode #105

Ep. 105 No matter what anyone claims, there is no "instruction manual" for how to go about your life. The fact that we live in such a judgmental world, especially in a time where the world needs to unite now more than...
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Find Joy

Episode #104

Ep. 104 How do you quantify your happiness amidst today’s heightened climate of the COVID-19 crisis? It’s all a matter of your perspective. I’ve chosen to begin seeking the feeling of “joy” as we navigate how to...
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