Growing up, Briana Stonelake always felt like she was meant for more, but would continually get stuck under the fear of not being enough or being too much. She had dreams of becoming a news anchor or journalist in order to report the truth of what is happening around the world, but feared she was incapable.
     As life would have it, she set out on her own healing journey from lies that plagued her and negative experiences that reiterated those lies.
     As one lie after another came into the light, Briana felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. She had a new lease on life, and new energy to go after what she never thought possible. Addressing the pain of the past, brought her to the hope of a new future.
     The joy that came with her own healing, energized a passion to walk with others to renewed hope, freedom and breakthrough. Birana's personal victories were meant to be corporate victories because we don't know, what we don't know.

This leads to her "why."

    The why in life is important. It gives us purpose, drive and helps us keep going when challenges arise. It fuels her passion to see people step into light after the darkness from pain. Or helping people with good lives move into the greater aspect of their life. She get's energy from watching people become comfortable in their own skin, improve healthy relationships, decrease stress and learn to value themselves even more.

Maybe events have occurred that have brought negative mindsets, anxiety, depression, or frustration that limits you from motivation or having hope for more.
Maybe you want to start living a healthier lifestyle with healthy habits for improve physical functioning.
Maybe you are wanting to build your clinical skills to get one step closer to your goal of helping empower people in their lives.

     Life is too hard and we are not meant to do it alone. You don't know what you don't know and an outside perspective can help give you the clarity, hope and breakthrough you've desperately been seeking.
     To help you to the next level of freedom and joy in your life.
     To help you wake up everyday with purpose, motivation and excitement.

     We are here to do just that. Help you live a happier, healthier life moving towards your goals!