Welcome to An Exponential You training series! This series focuses on the internal and how we can implement mentalities, thought processes and action in order to shift your life in the right direction. If you haven’t already, we suggest you go check out The First Percent and An Exponential Life training series so that you can find out the key principles that will drive this series. An Exponential You will grow your awareness of yourself and how you interact with your mind. As humans we have an extremely high awareness of ourselves and more often than not are hypercritical about our actions. With this we want to remind you that in your life there is only person you will ever spend every movement with. Yourself! You must be as kind to yourself as you are to others and you must be as loving of the internal as you are of the external. With this series you can find the thought experiments that successful people use in order to keep themselves on track to goals and have happiness once they reach them. 


Identify what separates you from everyone else and how to use that effectively.

Focus on untapped skills and stop yourself from treading water.

Learn the ability to keep yourself from overselling or underselling yourself.

Supercharge your life by interacting with people who energize you rather than drain you.

Separate yourself from the people, places, things and ideas who are draining you.

Reset your internal compass by putting effort towards causes that yield results.

Return to the equation of life and learn to turn motivation into action.

Learn about the constant feedback loops humans force themselves into and how to break said loop.

Identify where your talents yield results and how to reap the benefits.

Change the dynamic of rooms through rearranging your attitude towards yourself, your life and your peers.

Realize that failure is the fuel of excellence.

Create a list of when things worked in the past to focus on how they will continue to work or work better in the future.

Learn about your purpose and who supports it by creating 1’s and 10’s in your life.

Moderate yourself by being willing to have conversations rather than arguments.

Increase your awareness of situations by identifying whose business you're dealing with.

Discover how to bet on yourself and take chances.

Identify the balance of internal and external happiness and what happens when they collide.

Break down what is most important to you within the six human needs.

Become You Inc. by taking charge of your actions.

Use this metaphor to learn where you currently are in the line of success.

Differentiate what you believe in from what you want.

Learn how messy the world of an entrepreneur can be and why it is well worth it.

Deep dive into your deeper conversations and identify what makes them powerful.

Remind yourself of why you can and will do what you set out to accomplish.

Take action to ensure you live a fulfilling life.

Remove should from your word library and replace it with must.

Look at what in your life moves you forward.

Remove yourself from fickle situations so that your energy can be focused on what matters.

Learn how to stop yourself from being a people pleaser in order to improve your own life first.

Begin to differentiate between when you need to comfort someone and teach someone.

Find how to say “I just know” with confidence so that people might understand your vision.

Focus the crazy parts of life into a powerhouse of action.

Remind yourself to be patient and give grace to everyone else