Welcome to An Exponential Life! This series will dive deeper into the philosophies and ideas discussed in The First Percent. With the goal of moving outward and upward we will assist you in identifying healthy habits, relationships and practices. The primary question for this series is, how would you know? How would you know when success is at your doorstep? How would you know when you are ready to accept greater responsibility or step away from certain aspects of life? This question is necessary for building a company and building a life you are proud of. Now the only step you need to take is getting yourself into a mindset that will give you An Exponential Life! 


Identify the if/then thought loop and how to break it.

Differentiate internal and external stimuli.

Learn to stop “keeping up the Joneses” and to start keeping up with yourself.

See the work needed to make it to success and learn about the failures that others have gone through to make it there.

Develop the skill to take on challenges head on.

Intensify your passion by turning challenges into accomplishments.

Decide the amount of energy certain situations will take from you.

Take the steps to success by giving dreams momentum.

Internalize the reality that perfection is impossible.

Learn to be excellent and let go of perfection.

Realize that failure is the fuel of excellence.

Commit to your dreams instead of your fears.

Remind yourself to laugh and love with yourself and your peers.

Use this metaphor of engines and breaks to discover your drive.

Differentiate what develops your soul and what develops your goal.

Overcome adversity by developing yourself into the person who can.

Identify whether you wait for things to happen or make things happen.

Take the chance on opportunities you’ve been given.

Intensify your life by changing in one of two forms.

Differentiate whether you are a follower or a leader.

Identify what you tolerate and don’t tolerate.

Find out when the time is right to destroy the old and build the new or maintain the status quo.

Take action on plans and go through pain or stay still and regret it later.

Release negativity or “acidic thoughts” so you don’t destroy yourself.

Further develop control over the meaning by learning to align your impact with your intent.

Recall the story of teaching a fish to climb.

Identify your what, how, where and when.

Learn about the deeper quotients of the human psyche.

See how readily available information is and how rare the ability to use it is.

Break yourself out of your isolated prison.

Identify your use of natural means and if you are attempting to achieve supernatural results.

Become a small EGO to become a bigger person.

Return to the beginning to reassess your definition of success.